Insurance for your property in Turkey

Insurance for Your Property in Turkey

There are different pre and after-sales procedures to follow when buying a property in Turkey and real estate insurance in Turkey is on the top list. This property insurance covers earthquakes and is required by the Turkish government in order to get your title deed authorized and regulated. Before subscribing to water, electricity, and gas, you need to get the DASK insurance for your property.

TERRA Real Estate works with professional insurance companies providing services to our customers for many years. You may choose the package that suits you the most but don't forget that earthquake insurance is a compulsory one in Turkey. Other packages offered by insurance companies cover damages such as flood, explosion, fire, personal accident insurance, expenses for post-earthquake, theft, smoke, aircraft and vehicle impact, civil commotion, and many more.

Turkey earthquake insurance known as DASK, an abbreviation of Doğal Afet Sigortaları Kurumu, is compulsory earthquake insurance required for all types of properties. To get the subscription to water and electricity you will need to prove that you are a holder of this type of Turkey home insurance


DASK Insurance in Turkey

DASK subscription is obligatory for every property owner. Apartments, villas, and holiday home insurance should be renewed every year before the end of the current insurance. DASK properties insurance in Turkey costs around 100 - 150 TL and you can arrange it from any bank and insurance company. There are few easy steps to follow for insuring your home in Turkey. Em Yapı Homes agents will gladly guide you towards getting your property insured or you can simply read the following points.

To apply for DASK insurance for all properties in Turkey you need the following documents and information:

  • Tax number (Vergi Numarası)
  • Personal phone number (valid in Turkey)
  • Correct property's address
  • Number of floors of your property
  • Construction year of your property
whatsappI would like to get more information about buying a property in Turkey.
whatsappI would like to get more information about buying a property in Turkey.